Tina Arena at The Tivoli Theatre.

How often do you answer the phone when you don’t recognise the number?

As a small business owner, I tend to answer all calls, and they tend to run the full gamut from potential clients to crank calls scamming for dodgy advertising. A couple of weeks ago I answered a call that not only cost me nothing but allowed me to photograph an Australian and International Singer on the first night of her Australian Tour. Definitely, a call I’m glad didn’t go to voicemail.

Canon Australia in conjunction with CameraPro in Brisbane arranged for three photographers to shoot the entire concert, as well as the Q&A session with Tina Arena before the main event, as it turned out this would be the only Q&A session for the entire tour, so quite an opportunity.

Canon also provided us with bodies and glass to try out, and I happily snapped up a 6Dmkii and a 5Dmkiv along with 24-70 and 70-200 f/2.8 lenses. I have both of these lenses, however, I really wanted to try both bodies and see how they would do in the low, and vastly changing light of a concert. My quick fingers also snapped up a 35mm f/1.4 lens, because why not.

So what is it like to shoot a concert for the first time? Well, it was a very enjoyable experience. It was also challenging, loud, crowded and awesome. I was able to try some new gear as well as meet some very interesting people.

A big thank you to Deanna from Canon Australia and Ryan and Alex from CameraPro.


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